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After providing affordable, first class entertainment to many thousands over the past 44 years, unfortunately the time has come to bring down the curtain for the final time. The loss of many talented singers, the lack of interest among the community, and ever decreasing finances, have caused this painful but necessary decision.

The Scarborough Gilbert & Sullivan Society wants to thank all of our many supporters over the years. You made it all a real pleasure for so many to perform, and to pursue their dreams. Thank you, we will miss you.

You can find links on this web site to other excellent G & S Societies in the GTA. We urge you to contact one of these many fine groups and continue in your enjoyment of the many professional productions of the operettas of Gilbert and Sullivan.

Dispersal of Funds, Legal Information

As required by law (Income Tax Act, R.S.C. 1985 (5th supp.) c. 1, para. 110.1(1)(a), ss. 118.1(1) and 149.1(1) and 149.1(6.4), 188.1(5)) and their Constitution (section 3 under Non-Profit), The Scarborough Gilbert & Sullivan Society supported the following Registered Charities as they dispersed their remaining funds upon closing: The Gilbert & Sullivan Society (Toronto Branch), The Canadian Music Therapy Trust Fund, Birchcliffe Bluffs United Church, St. Peter's Anglican Church, and The Yonge Street Mission. Canada Revenue Agency documentation for the above Qualified Donees is located here. The final Registered Charity Information Return for Canada Revenue Agency is located here. A list of all Registered Charity Information Returns since year 2000 is located here.

We do not hold auditions. Our Society has closed. Thank you for your interest.

Web Links to Gilbert and Sullivan related web sites, including around the Toronto area.

splash image that says Trial By Jury 2009
 Gilbert & Sullivan's Trial By Jury
Music Director: Diane Sankey   Diane Sankey mug shot
Judi White mug shotArtistic Director: Judi White  
Piano Accompanist: Stan Farrow  Stan Farrow mug shot

Our 2009 production of
Trial By Jury
"Everything I know,
I learned from Gilbert & Sullivan"

was a big success.

We'd like to thank everyone for coming to see the show.
We know you enjoyed it!

We'd also like to thank all those at Jubilee United Church for their tireless support.

The Learned Judge in front of the jury. The Learned Judge. Part of this year's production of Trial By Jury.
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