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1. The Director(s) and the Accompanist shall automatically be elected Honorary Members of the Society.
2. The total membership shall be limited to the number which conveniently and safely be accommodated by the available facilities.
3. Non-performing Members may be accepted by the Executive Committee, subject to the approval of the Active Members. Any person who wishes to join the Society to assist with the many non-performing tasks required to mount a public performance as defined in the Aims of the Society shall be considered. Non-performing Members shall be entitled to the same privileges as Active Members, upon payment of dues equal to onethird of those assessed against Active Members.
4. Each member shall be assessed annual dues to be set by the Executive Committee, which dues must be paid by December 31. In the event someone joins after December 31, the dues must be paid in full before performing. The Executive may waive payment of dues at its discretion.
5. Every Performing Member shall obtain the music designated for use in each rehearsal, concert or public performance, and shall handle any music which is the property of the Society, or on loan to the Society with discretion, and may be charged for unnecessary damage thereto.
6. Active Members shall maintain proper deportment at rehearsals, meetings and concerts.
7. Habitual lateness for rehearsals, without reasonable cause or notice, may, on recommendation of the Director( s) to the Executive Committee, be cause for cancellation of membership.
8. Any member absent from three consecutive rehearsals, or from a total of one quarter of all regular rehearsals in one season, without notifying the Director(s) and/or Executive of reasonable cause, shall be deemed to have resigned.


1. Members of the Executive Committee shall be eligible for re-election.
2. The immediate Past President of the Executive Committee, if not re-elected, shall automatically become an Ex-officio member of the Executive Committee.
3. Any member of the Executive Committee absent from three consecutive meetings without reasonable cause and notification shall be deemed to have resigned from the Executive Committee.


The President shall preside at all meetings of the Society, and in the event of his /her absence, the Treasurer shall preside.


The Secretary shall keep a record of the minutes of the proceedings of all meetings, receive all correspondence and maintain an accurate file of correspondence and minutes for future reference.


1. The treasurer shall take charge of all monies belonging to the Society. All monies ofthe Society shall be deposited in a Bank Account opened in the name of the Society and cheques thereon may be drawn by any two of three designated members of the Society.
2. He/she shall report on the financial condition at the call of the Executive Committee, or any member of the Society and shall prepare the Financial Statement for the Annual Meeting.


The Executive Committee shall appoint or confirm the appointment of the Director( s) annually and, should the office(s) of the Director(s) become vacant, shall be responsible for appointing new Director(s).


The Executive Committee shall appoint or confirm the appointment of an Accompanist annually, after first being assured that he/she is satisfactory to the Director(s).


Prior to September the Executive Committee shall draw up a budget for the current production. Each committee member responsible for spending of funds must secure Committee approval prior to any over expenditure.


1. A committee shall be appointed by the Executive Committee to propose a list of nominees for election to the Executive Committee at the Annual Meeting. The committee shall also prepare a ballot, where necessary, and appoint scrutineers.
2. Any member may propose a candidate to the Nominating Committee up to twenty-four hours before the time of the Annual Meeting. Nominations will not be accepted from the floor at the meeting.

Max Craddock, President
Kenneth Small, Secretary-Treasurer

Ratified September 30, 2003

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